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We are a full-service law firm, with a number of areas of specialization.


Business Law

Here at Fornwalt Law PC our goal with our clients is to make sure they receive the same dedication and quality representation, whether the clients are established Fortune 500 companies, just starting out or anything in between. We realize that the business world can be a difficult place to navigate, and there are risks in any industry. We realize how important your business and its reputation is and we strive to protect that reputation, your business and your clients effectively and with ingenuity. 

Our job at Fornwalt Law PC is to provide our clients with an honest assessment of risks ahead of time and to guide our clients to manage those risks to the greatest degree possible through development and implementation of policies and procedures designed to minimize your risk from the start.  In some cases, this may require formation of business structures designed to protect the individual owners from liability, and in others it may require negotiating, drafting and routinely updating contracts for the business. For others still, this may require vigilant prosecution or defense of litigation of business disputes including bad faith, unfair competition and wrongful interference claims. Regardless of each client’s individual needs, throughout our relationship with each of our clients, Fornwalt Law PC maintains focus on our clients, each of their specific needs, their business models and individual goals and creates an individual representation model to meet each of those needs.
Ms. Fornwalt has been providing business guidance and litigation services to thousands of businesses throughout the years. We pride ourselves in not only staying current with the ever-changing state of the laws, as good lawyers do, but also in watching trends in the business world and the global cultures within it and creating innovative ways to respond to each of these parts of the greater picture. Ms. Fornwalt, therefore, recognizes the importance of routinely communicating with our clients to keep them apprised of developments in their claims and informs clients on upcoming changes in the law or their circumstances in order to strategize how to deal with the perpetually evolving legal and business climates.
Ms. Fornwalt is a talented attorney who has earned her reputation as tenacious, effective and successful that she maintains with her clients.  She is able to offer services to a wide array of clients given her exposure and service to practitioners in a various industries such as construction, retail, service, marketing, manufacturing, technology, medical, dental, television and film, and music. 

Construction Law

Fornwalt Law PC has vast experience in representing developers and construction contractors in actions ranging from a straightforward breach of contract claim; to an action involving an injured contractor; to complex, multi-party construction defect litigation. Fornwalt Law PC understands the role of different trades and how each piece of the puzzle works together to create a safe working environment and a sound structure. 

Our work starts even before the job begins by ensuring that our clients are compliant with industry requirementsand creating the appropriate business structures to protect the owners to the highest degree possible. Thereafter, we strive to be an integral part of our contractor-clients' businesses so that we can negotiate and create contracts and develop and implement policies and procedures designed to protect our clients from risk to the greatest degree possible from the outset of the job.  Should litigation relating to the job site arise for our clients, we are prepared to aggressively and effectively protect your business, your reputation and your clients through diligent prosecution or defense of your claims.  We recognize the value of our clients' hard work to develop a reputation of integrity and quality workmanship  and we believe that our clients deserve nothing less than attorneys who will defend that reputation as though the business were our own.    

Entertainment Law

Over the years, Ms. Fornwalt has consulted various writers, actors, musicians, agents, managers, producers, distributors and directors to ensure that they are moving their business forward in a manner that provides them with the greatest degree of protection possible.  Fornwalt  Law PC also continues to diligently follow developing law that greatly effects the entertainment industry so that we can keep our clients apprised of its effect on their business.  Ms. Fornwalt’s thorough understanding of each player’s role in the grander scheme of any production gives our clients an extra advantage, which does not go unnoticed by our clients.

Fornwalt Law PC appreciates that our clients’ ability to protect their works is of the utmost importance.  To this end, our office will secure initial copyright and trademark protections and form the appropriate business entity to hold your proprietary information in a way that is tailored to ensure protection of your work.  Each contract is drafted, negotiated or revised in such a manner so as to provide the maximum protection of your proprietary information.  Should an infringement claim arise, Fornwalt Law PC will diligently prosecute or defend our clients’ claims, whether they arise by a third party or a dispute between parties collaborating to create such work.  Similarly, when litigation of other Industry-specific issues arise, Fornwalt Law PC advocates innovatively and aggressively on behalf our clients, all at a cost that is within reach.

Licensed Professionals

Fornwalt Law PC understands that there are specific concerns that arise from being a licensed professional in your industry.  Ms. Fornwalt has exhaustive experience in representing licensed professionals in a wide range of fields from Healthcare, Architecture, Law and Accounting. Fornwalt Law PC will assist in formation of your professional corporations, which can be an invaluable means of protecting practitioners in an increasingly litigious society, and help you to make sure you are in compliance with Federal and State Law and your licensing board's requirements.  But that is only the beginning.  Fornwalt Law PC can also assist in navigating the complex issues that may arise that are specific to your specialized industry and assist in shielding you from liability to the greatest extent possible. 
Amanda Fornwalt has advised wide-ranging healthcare practitioners, including physicians, dentists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors and therapists. Ms. Fornwalt recognizes what is at stake if a healthcare practitioner fails to comply with the ever-changing State and Federal laws, and thus, stays apprised of both recent and upcoming developments that may impact clients. Additionally, Fornwalt Law PC's practice encompasses HIPAA compliance related to everything from creating the appropriate release forms for use in a healthcare practitioner's business to negotiation and drafting of vendor contracts to ensure continued compliance and protection when third parties are involved. Ms. Fornwalt also has extensive experience assisting healthcare practitioners in complying with the complex phases of the Stark regulations and restrictions.

Intellectual Properties - Trademarks and Copyrights

At Fornwalt Law PC, being proactive in protecting the proprietary information or creative works of the clients is one of the most important undertakings. For businesses and individuals alike, the work starts with the search to find previously registered marks that are similar to those of the clients, which is followed by the registration with the appropriate government agencies. In the event that the clients have already secured federal protection of their works, the next step is in protecting such works, including litigating infringement claims where necessary. Fornwalt Law PC will aggressively work to protect your intellectual property because we understand how important those rights are to our individual clients and their businesses.
Trade and Service Marks

For trade and service marks, Fornwalt Law PC, together with the client, asses the risks of moving forward with the registration so the client understands the meaning of the search. This assessment with the client may be the most important aspect of the representation. Once that assessment is completed, Fornwalt Law PC stays with the client throughout the process of registration, including representation in any derivative actions, where necessary.

Fornwalt Law PC guides its clients in the naming of new businesses with a focus on the trade or service mark, the domain name, and any other names that the business will use in branding its products. With existing businesses, the focus is on determining whether their business needs more protection with their marks and other branding, particularly as the markets have become global.


Despite the fact that U.S. courts have never made it a requirement that a work must be registered to be protected, as trademarks and patents are, there are very specific reasons to register a copyrightable work in order to fully protect it. Fornwalt Law PC ensures that the clients understand what those reasons are and under what circumstances the clients should take additional steps to protect their works. In other instances, the clients will be better served through maintaining a trade secret or the like. Fornwalt Law PC can guide you and assess whether a copyright or other protections might be appropriate for your business. Luckily, for clients who are prolific, the fees for such advice and for those registrations are absolutely within reach.


The broad spectrum of issues Amanda Fornwalt has litigated gives Fornwalt Law PC not only a solid foundation for handling your sensitive matter but also an edge over other law firms, whether it is in California State Court or in Federal District Court. Fornwalt Law PC has litigated and/or guided strategies on behalf of a wide range of business clients, both plaintiffs and defendants, including manufacturers, pharmaceutical and herbal remedy companies, physicians, restaurateurs, brokers, land developers, construction contractors and grocers, as well as individuals in numerous areas of law. In addition, Ms. Fornwalt has consulted hundreds of business owners and individuals regarding litigation avoidance strategies and settlement negotiation.

It is extremely important that each client is comfortable with the strategy and planning involved with litigation. The litigation process can be extremely stressful, whether you are experienced with the courts or not. Because of this, Fornwalt Law PC knows that it is important to tailor the situation to your individual needs to get you through the process as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Consequently, we pride ourselves in open and regular communication with our clients to keep them apprised of strategy and developments in their case at every step along the way. 

Fornwalt Law PC's goal is not only to achieve the best possible outcome on behalf of the clients, but also to do so in a manner that addresses the specific circumstances of each client and to keep costs within reach.